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Tour de Westcountry

I started cycling again this weekend.  Managed to complete 8.8 miles before my knee started to hurt.  I was pleased with that though.  Next weekend hopefully get back to the 10 mile barrier and then beyond.

Now the better weather is starting, I will also start riding to work.  Trouble is I need some new gear.  I need a fashion lover to help me find something suitable.  I’ll ask my friend Hollie (hollielisa).

I have always enjoyed cycling, and it was a cornerstone of my previous weight loss success.  I have got two very good bikes, a Marin Muirwoods 29er hybrid for rough terrain and casual road use, and a Marin Argenta A6 for road only use.  It’s now time to put some miles on them.

I use Endomondo to work out suitable routes in the area, and then my iPhone/Apple Watch tracks what I do.  It works really well, and gives me a log of what I have done.  The results can be shared to Facebook, Twitter etc., so that others can see your progress.