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Weight loss …. an update

So, in truth I’ve been a bit of a bad boy in the last couple of years.  Due to some quite distressing events in my personal life, I have let myself go quite a bit.  I’m not as heavy as I was when I started my weight loss journey, but I’ve put most of it back on.

Lets set the scene with why I got here:-

  • July 2015, my father died
  • July 2016 my wife left me
  • December 2016 safe to say I had a bit of a breakdown

So what has changed:-

  • January 2017 Started a  new job

What am I going to do?

  • Try to eat healthier
  • Definitely get more exercise
  • Try and keep a positive attitude going

What am I not going to do?

Go on another crash diet.  Although the last one got rid of the weight, it also caused me a life threatening illness.


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