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Time to start a new subject.

Something that I have always been interested in is cars.  From a very early age, cars have dominated a large part of my life.  I think it all started with my grandfather.  To me it seemed like he always had a new car.  In reality, more often than not, it was a new car every three years.  Probably because he was too lazy to worry about the UK MOT required for cars 3 years and older.

He never drove anything that could be considered cool or cutting edge, apart from a 1990 Mini automatic in black.  Well, I liked it.

My car history is not extensive, but has been eclectic so far.  I am only going to list the cars that I have owned and driven as my own, not ones bought to sell on.

Morris Marina 1800 Super (Harvest Gold)
Fiat X1/9 (Gold)
Ford Escort XR3i (Black)
Ford Escort XR3i (Black) (Yes another one)
Rover 216 GSI (Black)
Alfa Romeo 33 Sportwagon (Metallic Green)
Rover 620si (Metallic Red)
Suzuki Vitara SoftTop (Blue)
Suzuki Grand Vitara (Black)


Toyota MR2 Mk3 Roadster (Black)
 photo My-MR2_zpsa360f627.jpg
Mini Cooper S (R53)
That’s it.  The last two, are my current cars.

To come, repairs and modifications made to my cars …… maybe.


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