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Raspberry Pi Expansion Board

I’ve been looking for sometime now at various ways to connect my RPi to a VGA monitor.  There many posts on the web about how to achieve this.  Some have had success using inexpensive HDMI to VGA adapters, some have used more expensive HDMI to VGA signal converters.  All of these methods have had varying levels of success and failure.

I myself have tried the inexpensive route only to have my old VGA monitor die on me.  To be fair this could have been a result of it being kept in the attic for the past few years, slowly collecting dust.

After a few more nights scouring the web for a reliable way of achieving this I came across the expansion board below.


I was quite surprised with the features of this board, especially given the price and the fact that they deliver free to the UK.

HDMI to VGA (powered from expansion board)
Built in USB HUB (powered from Expansion board)
Real time clock (RTC)
Card reader (SD and micro SD)
RS232 Master port
Darlington Driver ports (8 Channel)
Alternative power connector, allowing different standard PSUs to be used.

It arrived within a week, and was up and working within an hour. The only thing I haven’t done, is connect the reset switch, as I don’t fancy doing any soldering. I haven’t got a steady enough hand.

Overall I think this is very good value for money and has allowed me to plug my RPi into the VGA port of my monitor, allowing me to keep my MAC mini plugged into the DVI.


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