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Tips on weighing yourself

I have read quite a few articles on weighing yourself.  Here are the top five tips I have picked up.

  1. Always use the same scales.  Do not use other peoples scales or scales found in shopping malls etc.  They will almost certainly be setup differently and their accuracy will be different.  They may tell you that you have gained or lost a different amount of weight than your own.
  2. Weigh yourself on a flat and rigid surface.  A surface that has some flexibility in it will give a slightly incorrect reading on your scales.  ** If you have been on a diet for sometime, it may be advisable not to change the location of you scales, as this could change the reading.**
  3. Always weigh yourself with no clothing on.  Clothes can add a surprising amount of weight
  4. Always weigh yourself at the same time.  I weigh myself weekly on a Thursday morning whilst getting ready for work.
  5. Don’t rely on weigh ins alone, take measurements and photographs.  It is as much about how you look and feel about yourself as it is about how much you weigh.  Don’t forget if you are exercising as well, muscle weighs more than fat.

Good luck!!


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