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Typical menu for a low calorie day

On a low calorie day it can be difficult to find inspiring foods to get you through the day, here is a typical menu from one of my low calorie days.  I don’t try to be too clever on these days, I have found keeping things simple yields better results.

Breakfast (Approx 100 Calories) – Apple, Actimel

Lunch (Approx 200 Calories) – Salad (leafy, tomato, light dressing), 100g roast chicken

Dinner (Approx 300 Calories) – Two pieces of low calorie toast (Tesco’s Danish), Pro activia spread, two poached eggs, 50g smoked salmon, Salad (leafy, tomato), Cracked black pepper and salt to taste.

Drink plenty of water, especially if you are feeling hungry, it is easy to mistake dehydration for hunger.


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