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Tips on weighing yourself

I have read quite a few articles on weighing yourself.  Here are the top five tips I have picked up.

  1. Always use the same scales.  Do not use other peoples scales or scales found in shopping malls etc.  They will almost certainly be setup differently and their accuracy will be different.  They may tell you that you have gained or lost a different amount of weight than your own.
  2. Weigh yourself on a flat and rigid surface.  A surface that has some flexibility in it will give a slightly incorrect reading on your scales.  ** If you have been on a diet for sometime, it may be advisable not to change the location of you scales, as this could change the reading.**
  3. Always weigh yourself with no clothing on.  Clothes can add a surprising amount of weight
  4. Always weigh yourself at the same time.  I weigh myself weekly on a Thursday morning whilst getting ready for work.
  5. Don’t rely on weigh ins alone, take measurements and photographs.  It is as much about how you look and feel about yourself as it is about how much you weigh.  Don’t forget if you are exercising as well, muscle weighs more than fat.

Good luck!!

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Typical menu for a low calorie day

On a low calorie day it can be difficult to find inspiring foods to get you through the day, here is a typical menu from one of my low calorie days.  I don’t try to be too clever on these days, I have found keeping things simple yields better results.

Breakfast (Approx 100 Calories) – Apple, Actimel

Lunch (Approx 200 Calories) – Salad (leafy, tomato, light dressing), 100g roast chicken

Dinner (Approx 300 Calories) – Two pieces of low calorie toast (Tesco’s Danish), Pro activia spread, two poached eggs, 50g smoked salmon, Salad (leafy, tomato), Cracked black pepper and salt to taste.

Drink plenty of water, especially if you are feeling hungry, it is easy to mistake dehydration for hunger.

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My weight loss journey

Hi everyone, and welcome to my ‘Weight Loss Journey’ blog.  My intention is to publish a diary of my weight loss so far.  I hope to be putting up a few recipes and other tips that may help others.

Here’s my story.

I am in my early 40’s now and ever since I passed my driving test, my weight has slowly increased and my fitness has slowly decreased.  I’m sure that many people in my position know the story, many contributing factors to eating, contented lifestyle, comfort, boredom, plus many more but they all lead to the same thing, you gain weight and become unfit.

At the beginning of February 2013 I decided enough was enough and I had to do something about it.  I had been reading and hearing about a diet that seemed to be working for a lot of people, ‘The Fast Diet‘ by Michael Mosley.  After some careful reading of the various link provided on the web page, I had decided that this diet was for me.

I don’t want to kid anyone into thinking that this diet is easy and the weight will fall off, but if you have a determination to succeed and can muster the will power then I thoroughly recommend giving it a go.  Of course it goes without saying that I am by no means an expert in diet/nutrition/medical matters or for that matter anything else that is discussed on this blog and anything you do, you do so at your own risk.

My target is to lose 4 1/2 Stones or 63 pounds or 28.5 kilograms.

To help me keep track of my progress I am also using the website My Fitness Pal.  There are some useful Apps and a very good forum that you can turn to should you feel the need.

Finally I would also recommend that dieting with someone is also preferable.  It can be a struggle on you own, with someone you can bounce ideas around and turn to them when you are feeling low.  I have been fortunate that my wife also wanted to diet so we have been doing this together and have both achieved similar results.

Here is my progress ticker, it is up to date as it is linked directly to the My Fitness Pal website.

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