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The marriage of Telescope and DSLR Camera

Just ordered some bits a pieces for my telescope / camera.  Hoping to marry the two together and get some good shots of the moon, when the clear skies return.

The small black ring (T-Ring) connects to the camera.  It’s a perfect fit and is a quality piece made from metal, not plastic like some.  The tall tube (T-Adaptor) screws into the black ring which then in turn goes into the 1.25″ eyepiece aperture on a telescope, you can also stack this onto a Barlow lens to get more magnification.  The result is a solid connection between telescope and camera, perfect for lunar photography, and if used in conjunction with a motorised tracking telescope and some long exposures you should be able to get some good star field shots.

When I have got it all set up I’ll blog some more.  Also lookout for some lunar shots.


One thought on “The marriage of Telescope and DSLR Camera

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to focus in on distant objects with this setup. After doing a bit of reading on Google, it looks like I need to use some tube extensions to force the focus.

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